Francien van Daalen on conservation

I never cease to be fascinated by the art of conservation and restoration, even after so many years. This is because every object is different and has a unique history, requiring specialised, tailor-made treatment to achieve the optimum conservation/restoration results. And since each object is unique, conservation is about care and taking the time needed. Giving space to this constant process of fine-tuning of my experience and skills relating to the object, is for me, the greatest source of stimulation in my profession. As a result, I welcome and encourage continual research in my studio, and an openness to new ideas.

My studio, Van Daalen Conservation, is the place where I do what I do best – conserving works of art on paper and parchment. It gives me a constant flow of new insights and ideas, adding to my skills.
I am passionate about what I do and I feel privileged to be able to work with so many unique objects. For me, conservation is my constant source of inspiration; perfection is my motivation, and ambition is my driving force.

I have a fully outfitted studio, a highly motivated team and a wide network of customers with multifaceted needs and requirements. What more can a conservator wish for?

Francien van Daalen: Curriculum Vitae

  • Conservation Training, Amsterdam (currently a subsidiary of ICN, Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam).
1989 – 1992
  • Jane McAusland Studios, Suffolk
  • Bates & Baskcomb Studios (currently Deborah Bates), London
1992 – 2005
  • Studio Lingbeek & Van Daalen Conservation
  • Studio Van Daalen Conservation