Francien van Daalen specialises in pastels, watercolours, drawings and prints, and has earned a solid reputation for her skills in the treatment of difficult and complex conservation and restoration work.


Conservation and restoration of diverse objects on paper and parchment, ancient and modern art, large and small works, and three dimensional art – from pastels, watercolours, drawings, maps and fans, to dioramas, globes and major location-bound projects, including historical wallpaper and cartoons, i.e., 1:1 work drawings of stained glass church windows.


Consultancy on exhibitions, climate control, transport, and the storage of objects on paper and parchment.

condition reports

Examination of and delivering detailed reports on the condition of objects and collections.


Francien van Daalen works with an extensive network of national and overseas partners. When working with objects composed of multiple materials, she collaborates with conservation experts from various other disciplines (incl. painting, furniture, textile and metal conservation experts). She also collaborates with a number of recognised research institutes and institutions.


Fragile objects, including pastels and three-dimensional objects, such as fans and dioramas, are always framed in Francien van Daalen’s own studio. She also works with established frame makers who provide advice and mediate on issues of acid free and dust free framing methods and the use of the most appropriate framing techniques.

salvaging services

Francien van Daalen also specialises in the provision of emergency salvaging services following disasters, such as flooding, fire and other disasters. Her salvaging services include intensive care of the objects with a dedicated approach based on the specific circumstances. After salvaging, she issues detailed reports to the institution manager/ director, the owner or the insurance company. If required she also provides consultancy on the conservation process.