Studio Van Daalen Conservation specialises in pastels, watercolours and drawings. The reason for the existence of the studio is Francien van Daalen’s central drive: the love of her profession.

Over the years, Francien van Daalen has built up a sound reputation as an experienced conservator of objects on paper and parchment. She has considerable experience with difficult procedures, and the management and execution of large-scale projects, whether in her own studio or on location.

Francien van Daalen collaborates with dedicated and expert conservators. She is assisted in her daily work by her permanent staff member, Antje Penz.

Our principal customers include private collectors, art dealers, auction houses, large institutions and museums.

The studio is customer friendly, professional and modern in design. It offers a wide range of facilities to best serve our customers. It is situated in the Waarderpolder in Haarlem and is easily accessible by car.